MONDO Technologies

The MONDO technologies provide robust platform and innovative platform supporting scalable and collaborative model-driven engineering software development. The technologies that comprise the MONDO platform are available in open source and are maintained at the MONDO GitHub site.

The following repositories are currently accessible:


Scalable Domain Specific Languages

  • DSL tao: Engineering scalable DSLs using patterns. More information here
  • EMF-Splitter: A Structured Approach to EMF Modularity. EMF-Splitter is a plug-in of DSL-tao, but also works in stand-alone mode. More information here
  • Sampler: Scalable model visualization. More information here

Scalable model queries and transformations

Scalable Collaboration for Modeling Tools

Heterogeneous Model Management

  • Hawk, an extensible tool for scalable model indexing
  • NeoEMF, an extensible model persistence backend
  • NeoEMF-HBase, a decentralized model persistence backend on top of NeoEMF and HBase
  • NeoEMF random instantiator, a random yet deterministic generator for EMF models in NeoEMF-HBase


  • mondo-demo-wt, a prototype for demonstrating collaboration features in the context of Wind Turbine system models
  • mondo-demo-bim, a prototype for demonstrating collaboration features in the context of Building Information Models (BIM)
  • FTSRG/mondo-collab-propbasedlocking, the Property-based concept demo for the MONDO Collaboration Framework

Project Partners